Our Solutions

Our Solutions

At PEP we believe that understanding the nuances of how we work holds the key to unlocking our true capacity and a healthy balance.

While we won’t stop the busy, we will help you streamline it so it no longer overwhelms you. We teach you to deal with competing priorities through the skill of filtering, so you’re able to focus your time on what matters most, whether it’s to think, execute or connect.

Many organisations have invested in hardware and software to support their people to work well. A PEP program is an investment in your "humanware" ™.

PEP Principles

Our core  PEP program introduces 12 foundational principles that help you unlock what’s truly important. This program liberates you from unproductive habits and equips you with new ones, so you face less complexity and wasted time, fewer interruptions, meaningless tasks, and meetings. We teach you to filter and improve your ability to focus your time on what matters most, whether it’s to think, execute or connect.

This is our classic PEP, refined and perfected, with over 25 years of delivery.

Participating in this program will result in acquired skills and tools to manage the volume, velocity, and variability of work. You can expect to have embedded new behaviours, have new work routines and processes in place to help you master the art of working well, achieving more, easily. You will rediscover your purpose and be able to cut through the noise, bring back balance and re-engage with what matters most.

Our principles are easy to understand and effective application is built-in to every session. Many participants share how PEP has positively impacted their work lives.

PEP Principles with Microsoft 365

An alternative version of our core program, PEP for Microsoft 365 embeds our foundational 12 principles through practical applications using Microsoft 365 tools.

Microsoft 365 is a powerful tool with a lot of unutilised features that can unlock both productivity and wellbeing. PEP for Microsoft 365 helps you gain the full benefits of this technology, putting your people back in control and focusing their energy and attention on what is important.

If you have invested in Microsoft 365 software, upgrading your "humanware"™ ensures you are protecting the wellbeing and capability of your people.

Participants gain a greater understanding of the functionality of Microsoft 365, and how to use the suite of tools in a PEP way.

By building meaningful capability in Microsoft Teams, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, Tasks by Planner and other applications, participants are better able to use the latest technology to boost their performance from anywhere.

This will increase productivity, communication, and collaboration, without adding any stress.


PEPtalks cover our core principles in a format specifically tailored for larger groups.

Delivered in 45 minute sessions, whether your people need help managing their inbox, working more in flow, or getting the most out of their technology, our PEPtalks will give participants targeted, practical techniques to lift their productivity and lower stress immediately.

Topic 1: Emails

Unlock the power of Outlook to achieve more, with less work.

Topic 2: Achieve Flow

Experience the benefits of working in flow by making interruptions and distractions a thing of the past.

Topic 3: Prioritisation

Making the shift to focus on the work that matters.

Topic 4: Meetings

How to take the most expensive cost and make it a valuable asset.

Topic 5: MS Teams

Welcome to the third evolution of work. Learn how to use Microsoft Teams well.

Topic 6: Hybrid Working

Productivity and hybrid working can happily and healthily co-exist. Harness the power of working well, from anywhere.

More Solutions

PEP for Outlook

Maximise Outlook as a tool. We show you how to manage the flow of emails and use calendar and tasks to effectively manage your work.

PEP for Working Effectively Together

An immersive team day, unlocking the power of working well together. We teach teams to align their work with organisational, functional or team priorities, enhancing their engagement, collaboration, and trust.

PEP for Microsoft 365

Designed for participants who have previously completed PEP Principles prior to adopting Microsoft 365. This quick, modular session applies the previously learned principles to 365.

PEP for Executives

A bespoke premium coaching solution, we work with you and your assistant to perform at peak together. Deepen collaboration, increase communication and cut through the noise to focus on what really matters.

PEP Refresh

For our PEP graduates who seek the opportunity to go deeper, get back on track, or boost their performance to another level with the latest technology.


MovePEP equips your team to effectively prepare for an office move, and sets them up to be able to enjoy more clarity, control and unbridled performance.