PEPtalks cover our core principles in a format specifically tailored for larger groups. In these condensed sessions (45 minutes) we share valuable tips on how to work more effectively.

PEPtalks will give you practical techniques you can use to lift productivity and lower stress immediately and are the perfect introduction to the world of PEP or as a refresh to help you stay on track.

People need to have the skills, tools and ways of working to thrive in this new era of work.


This solution is ideal for

  • Anyone ready to find out how to future-proof their career and abilities or needing to get back on track.

Learning Outcomes

  • Unlock the power of Outlook to achieve more, with less work.

  • Experience the benefits of working in flow by learning how to better manage interruptions and distractions.

  • Making the shift to focus on the work that matters.

  • How to take the most expensive cost and make it a valuable asset.

  • Welcome to the third evolution of work. Learn how to use Microsoft Teams well.

  • Whilst challenging, productivity and hybrid working can happily and healthily co-exist.

  • Harness the power of working well, wherever you are working.

  • PEPtalks aim to share a few simple tips and hacks to support people to stay in control. They are a cost-effective way to share some basic-yet-liberating performance skills.

Delivery Format

  • PEPtalks can be delivered virtually or by presentation to a group at workplaces across NZ.

  • Virtual sessions can be hosted on Zoom, Teams, or similar platforms providing a live, synchronous setting.

  • Following each PEPtalk, participants are emailed a summary of the content to support them to implement the learnings.

PEPtalks topics

Topic 1: Emails

Topic 2: Achieve Flow

Topic 3: Prioritisation

Topic 4: Meetings

Topic 5: MS Teams

Topic 6: Hybrid Working

The PEP Experience

Customised Solution - PEPtalks

“As a team we have really enjoyed the PEPtalks. The sessions were inspiriting and motivating, full of useful tips and reminders. A great PEP refresher, or an introduction for PEP newbies.”

Amy Tea

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The PEP Experience

The PEP Experience

Let’s chat about PEPtalks

If you want to find out how to lift productivity, lower stress immediately and future-proof your career we’d love to discuss the ways PEP can partner with you or your business. Contact us today to talk about the PEP programs that would be best for your organisation.