PEP Principles

PEP Principles

PEP Principles is our “foundation” PEP program. It shares our 12 principles that help participants unlock what’s truly important in becoming more effective and learning the fundamentals on how to boost your workplace performance.

It’s about liberating you from unproductive habits and equipping you with new ones, so you face less complexity and wasted time, fewer interruptions, meaningless tasks and meetings.

In this program we teach participants to filter and improve their ability to focus time on what matters most: whether it’s to think, execute or connect. We provide tools that improve productivity, while reducing stress. Our principles are easy to understand and effective application is built-in to every session. Many participants share how PEP has positively impacted their work lives.

People need to have the skills, tools and ways of working to thrive in this new era of work.


This solution is ideal for

  • Anyone looking to manage an ever-increasing workload, cope in an ever-changing work world, and keen to learn strategies to be more productive while they reduce stress or regain control of their work.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will acquire the skills and tools to manage the volume, velocity, and variability of their work.

  • Expect to have embedded new behaviours and have new work routines and processes in place to help master the art of working well, achieving more, easily.

  • Rediscover purpose and be able to cut through the noise, bring back balance and re-engage with what matters.

Delivery Format

  • This program can be delivered online through virtual workshops and coaching or face to face at your workplace.

  • Virtual sessions can be hosted on Zoom, Teams, or similar platforms providing a live, synchronous setting.

  • Modules are a combination of workshop and application of the content, supported by coaching.

  • The delivery of the modules is spread over a number to weeks to allow ample time for absorption and familiarisation.

The PEP Experience

Customised Solution - PEP Principles

“We get consistently good feedback on the impact PEP is having on our people’s ability to take control over their work; to better prioritise, manage their time and achieve more. People often tell us it’s completely changed and improved the way they go about their work.”

Trent Maulder

Practice Manager – Core Learning, Centre for Learning & Development
Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency

The PEP Experience

The PEP Experience

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If you want to learn strategies to be more productive and grow your or your team’s wellbeing we’d love to discuss the ways PEP can partner with your business. Contact us today to talk about the PEP programs that would be best for your organisation.